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Reintroduce apparently the knowledge gained. Numerous schemes for classification of If the patient cannot manage without a medicine that causality have been proposed and are used in different has caused an adverse reaction, provide symptomatic relief countries. For example, severe nausea and vomiting are routinely treated Management symptomatically in patients receiving anti-cancer drugs.

Rapid action is sometimes important because of the However, when treating an adverse drug reaction, it is serious nature of a suspected adverse drug reaction, for important not to introduce more medicines than are example anaphylactic shock.

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Emergency treatment and essential. Always have a clear therapeutic objective in withdrawal of all medicines is occasionally essential, in mind, do not treat for longer than is necessary, and review which case cautious reintroduction of essential medicines the patient regularly and look for ways to simplify should be considered.

Otherwise, using clinical benefit-risk management. A problem immediately arises if one or more of Surveillance methods for drug reactions, and population the medicines is essential to the patient. If the culprit is methods for proving associations are summarised in fairly clear, a benefit-risk decision needs to be taken about table 2. If several medicines could be causal link is uncertain. Information on what has happened causative, the non-essential medicines should be and how the diagnosis has been made should be forwarded withdrawn first, preferably one at a time, depending on the to a national centre with responsibility for giving general severity of the reaction.

If the reaction is likely to be dose- information about drugs and for taking regulatory action. Many National centres send this information to the WHO prescribers unnecessarily withhold a drug when inter- worldwide database. This global information is analysed actions are suspected, rather than adjusting the dose.

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  5. The Monitoring the Uppsala Monitoring Centre , now with waiting period will vary, depending on the rate of artificial intelligence in the form of a Bayesian Confidence elimination of the drug from the body and the type of Propagation Neural Network, which allows the analysis of pathology. For example, urticaria usually disappears all the variables in a report against the background quickly when the drug is eliminated, whereas fixed information contained in the WHO database of over psoriatic skin reactions can take weeks to resolve. If the 2 million reports. A dictionary of pharmacology and allied panel.

    Amsterdam: Elsevier, 8—9.

    Side Effects of Drugs Annual (eBook)

    Definitions and classifications of adverse reaction terms. The Future developments detection of new adverse reactions, 4th edn. Errors in prescribing, preparing, and giving supports the European Pharmacovigilance Research medicines—definition, classification, and prevention. In: Aronson JK, ed. Side effects of drugs, annual A worldwide yearly survey of new Group, which has allowed regulators and drug-safety data and trends.

    Amsterdam: Elsevier, xxiii—xxxvi. Incidence of adverse drug events together to plan coordinated drug-safety exercises. Implications for prevention.

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    JAMA ; 29— Basic requirements for the use of terms for reporting adverse drug reactions. Among the developments planned for the Pharmacoepidemiol Drug Saf ; 1: 39— Pharmacoepidemiol development of drug-related ailments Drug Saf ; 3: 7— Pathogenesis of adverse drug reactions.

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    Textbook of adverse drug reactions. In: Davies DM, ed. Textbook of adverse drug reactions, 2nd edn. Adverse drug reactions. In: The Society for Pharmacoepidemiology, Oxford textbook of clinical pharmacology and drug therapy. Oxford: which is specifically interested in the science of Oxford University Press, — Aronson Herausgeber.

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