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Before I could take her in my arms and embrace her, we both began to sink into the ground - it was quicksand! The tribesmen acted quickly and held out their spears to us so we could pull ourselves out of the deadly muck. They then led us to a clearing where we would be able to signal for help. It suddenly dawned on us that the tribesmen had been trying to help us from the beginning, but when we turned around to thank them, they were gone.

Because parts of the Amazon are very remote, they probably had to wait for quite a while before being rescued. They'd have to be on the lookout for wild animals and poisonous snakes, and they'd have to try to find food and water. Perhaps the tribesmen came around regularly with food and water, or helped them to build a shelter to sleep in. Or maybe they decide to live with the tribesmen in their village and leave modern society behind. Maybe they find their plane, fix it, chop an airstrip out of the jungle and fly to Rio.

Suddenly, the living-room door flew open. With a sigh, I slowly made my way upstairs to bed. Cindy said that she was in a hurry because her bus was leaving in 10 minutes. He said that she would talk to the entire class. Melinda said that Jason was having a birthday party at his house the following day.

Mrs Jacobs told me that Helen had been revis- ing for her exams all day. She asked us when the package would be deliv- ered. He asked me where the building was located. Tom's mother told him to turn off the TV. The woman begged Peter to help her. Her father told her not to talk to strangers.

Mother told us to take off our shoes.

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Sandra told her son to pick up his books. Debbie said that she wished she could go skiing that weekend. John said that Tokyo is one of the most over- populated cities in the world. Ann told Burt that it was time he found himself a job. Mary says that Jo is considering leaving herjob. The director said that we mustn't miss the staff meeting. The dentist told Kevin that he should brush his teeth after every meal.

Robert said that they must have known about the meeting. Floy refused to go to France with Jenny. Sid advised his mother to see a doctor about her eyes. Enterprise Intermediate Workbook - Unit 3: Stories 19 20 21 a b 4. Erica agreed that that painting was lovely. Suggested answers a James told Mary that he would be going to the post office and asked her if she needed anything. She went on to say that she 23 should lie on the bed and restfora while and that she would go and get it for her at once. The ground is too hard! It starts at a specific time and then goes back in time giving the details of what had happened, using Past Perfect.

Then, using various Past tenses, the story continues leading up to the specific time mentioned at the beginning and eventually to the end of the story. B Suggested answers The first story is about a group of friends who go on a camping trip. They probably hit a fox with their jeep and take it to a vet, who manages to save its life. The second story is a love story about a couple who are going to get married and how they met. The third story is an adventure story about a group of friends who hire a boat to explore an island.

They have to abandon the boat and are stranded on the island without any food or water. Beginnings 1. J untidy 6. C 2, 3, A, D in any order D 14, A, D in any order any order 9. They are usually caused by people driving dangerously.

Some people think that accidents will never happen to them. Unfor- tunately, these accidents are resulting in an increase in the number of deaths. In August , a fire started in a mine in Bois de Cazier at Marcinelle. It was caused by human error. Every year the disaster is marked by remembrance services.

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Around my country's coasts strong winds often cause shipwrecks. Traffic accidents are often caused by dangerous driving or poor visibility. This could be avoided by driving at lower speeds and more carefully and by raising public awareness of the dangers of drinking and driving. The city was struck by an earthquake last night.

The earthquake rocked the bridge from side to side.

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Houses, cars and buses were swept away by the flood. The river overflowed and caused a flood. The car rolled back and bumped into the one parked behind. There was a car accident this morning; a car crashed into a wall. Rinse 9 e. Their pet dog drowned in the flood.

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Her skin was badly burnt by the fire. The driver braked suddenly to avoid a car accident. The skyscrapers swayed back and forth during the earthquake. I was in a car accident last week; my car collided with another as it turned the corner. He accelerated in order to get out of the way and avoid a car accident.

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The earthquake caused a lot of buildings to col- lapse. Our car was washed away in the flood. The earthquake shook the city to its foundations. An avalanche - Many people were skiing on a mountain when an avalanche occurred, covering the ski slope with snow 30 ft. Three skiers have not been found. A flood — After several days of heavy rain, a river running through a village burst its banks and flooded many houses.

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Many villagers had to be rescued by boat. Boy burnt by fireworks — A boy playing with fireworks he had made himself, was badly burned when they exploded sooner than he had expected.

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Rail crash — A crowded passenger train ran into the back of a stationary goods train which was waiting at a junction.