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Could it be you don't know enough of the Word? Do you need to discipline yourself?

Christ Pleasing God

To get off milk and on meat? To grow spiritually?

Pleasing the Father

Jesus grew, and Jesus pleased the Father. His dependence upon His Father is so evident. As you read through the Gospels, you find Jesus repeatedly withdrawing to spend time with the Father — communing in prayer.

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We know, don't we, that nothing else really matters in comparison to pleasing Him. How we concur with the Apostle Paul whose ambition was to be pleasing to God, whether in this body on earth or out of this body and in Jesus' presence. O holy Father, as we come to wait in Your presence, words fail us.

We are overcome by the longings within to know that we are pleasing to You, to live in total dependence upon You and Your Word, and thus, to hear the words your Son heard from Your lips. You know far better than we do how critical it is to our total well-being to know that we are bringing You pleasure.

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We were created for this. Father, I cannot express the passion of others' hearts; I cannot enter into their intimacy because it is so very personal.

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So I step aside now Here are their words when at last their mouths can form them What does God expect Christians to do in the face of this assault? Precepts for Life Kay Arthur. Ephesians Gone Away Acceptance Man's Purposes. Psalm Romans Not Pleasing God wickedness artists.

Abominations Nominal Religion. Abominations, To God Answered Promises. Isaiah Malachi Refreshing God Clean Animals Aromas. Refreshing God Aromas. Sacrifices Right Sacrifices Do Good! People Of God, In Ot.


Hebrews First fruits Firstfruits. Hear Prayer! Pay Attention O God! Divine Favour God Giving Light. Exodus Home Follow. Published in: Spiritual.

Pleasing the Father

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For before he was taken, he was commended as one who pleased God. F aith 2. O bey John 7. But he who sent me is reliable, and what I have heard from him I tell the world.

Holiness is about our lifestyle, how we behave. We are holy when we do what God would expect us do and unholy when we disregard the commands of the Scripture.