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Since ancient times, the Quincunx pattern has been considered a geometric symbol of a sanctified universe and an ordered world.

The Quincunx

It can be found all around us, from the way trees are planted in an orchard to the arrangement of domes atop a church. Quincunx denotes that the whole is more than the total of all its parts. It also signifies the ability of an individual to ascend from the four physical elements to the exalted and enlightened fifth one. Some astrologers have associated quincunxes with health problems. This makes sense, because the way I see it, there is a lot of misplaced energy involved when the individual works to compartmentalize the planets and points involved in a quincunx.

Guilt and a sense of failure are often a by-product of the quincunx, and these can certainly contribute to health problems. Quincunxes show areas of weakness, in terms of low self-esteem, that others find easy to prey upon. The individual, by not accepting the areas of life represented by the planets in quincunx, leaves himself or herself open to being taken advantage of.

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Quincunxes point to an area where we may have an inferiority complex. We have difficulty integrating these energies into our personality to the point where we are not happy with either energy. A vague sense of guilt is often the result, and this can undermine confidence with both energies. The key to handling quincunxes is, firstly, knowledge, and then integration. Awareness that the discrepancy lies within the personality is essential before integration can occur. Quincunxes can often make us feel that external events or other people are forcing us to separate, compartmentalize, or redirect the energies of the planets involved.

We need to understand that it is, in fact, ourselves who are compartmentalizing. Look for quincunxes in a composite chart to see what basic energies of the relationship the couple will naturally tend to compartmentalize. The planets involved in a quincunx in the composite chart can be the source of weakness in the relationship, unless they are consciously worked on.

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Note that the Moon and Venus are quincunx. The Moon is at 28 degrees and 25 minutes of Pisces:. If you were to add degrees, or 5 signs, to the Moon, you would arrive at the point 28 degrees 25 minutes of Leo. Venus is 44 minutes less than one degree away from the quincunx, which would be within orb. Jupiter, at 24 degrees and 21 minutes of Leo, would not fall within orb, so we would not consider the Moon and Jupiter as quincunx.

Quincunx And Inconjunct In Astrology

The following interpretations are from the Indra report. Your perceptions of others and of life circumstances alter as you get older. It is through concentrating on the core values of communication in relationships that you make major adjustments between your ego drives and your emotional needs.

This becomes a critical mechanism for personal growth and development. There is a combative and defensive part of your nature that fears being taken advantage of. As a result of this concern you develop a pattern of self-expression that is energetic and creative, but often leads you far afield from your designated goal. Laziness or overextension is a big problem for you at certain points in your life. Any personality difficulties you have including issues of value are cleared up through ever deepening self appraisal and honest reflection on how past expectations match your history.

Your life works best when you learn to take care of your most important responsibilities first. Your self-expressive urges are usually misunderstood by people and this creates frustrations for you. As you disconnect from the need to be understood and get more in contact with the will to achieve positive results from your actions, your true self emerges from the core of your personality. You grow by learning to leave well enough alone. Your energy tends to be directed unrealistically. Your own sense of self changes as you learn from your own misappraisals of situations that are important to you.

If you feel drained or frustrated it is always helpful to look at your overall direction in life and determine if you have taken on more through your high ideals than your physical vitality can sustain. It is always worthwhile to see how your ideas are received by others, to see if you can involve them in your vision.

You are forced to focus, time and again, on details that you would prefer to ignore. When life slows down or becomes uncomfortable, simplify and be patient.

Sun Quincunx Uranus September 29, – Astrology King

You are changing and growing in ways that you can scarcely perceive. Stay involved in your everyday routines and only force a change on yourself when you feel stuck in some repetitive pattern.

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You end up confused at times because you read more into communications than are there. Your expectations and imagination are assets as soon as you are able to develop a method for expressing your true feelings. Since many of your feelings are hidden from you, self expression becomes a path of self-discovery. The frustration you experience in life often comes because you get what you ask for from other people and life in general. Partly, you are slowly learning better communication skills, and partly you are learning to understand your own deeper cravings as they are.

You see the unacknowledged and undigested parts of your sensitivity and creativity present in others, but, these are really projections that you have to own within your self if you are to change for the better. Learning to be emotionally consistent is harder for you than for most people because your feelings and desires cover such a wide range of possible expression. Your manner of self expression can inadvertently add weight and encouragement to components of your personality that you actually wish to minimize or even transform. It takes much experimentation with relationships in order to have emotions that serve your higher needs rather than just running amuck on their own mission of blind, disconnected expression.

Either artistic or idealistic goals are necessary to achieve satisfaction. To really understand others and life itself, you need to allow others to know you. Practice being more reliable; then, you will understand yourself, others and life all at once. Your optimism needs focus and to be harnessed to specific projects. They seem to have been reversed. This has left you uncertain as to what to do or what you are capable of in life.

As you become more certain as to your true responsibilities in life, your vision clears as to what you can accomplish. This is also the key to becoming more productive. Through accomplishment, you can become more knowledgeable as to how your habits and procedures affect the life circumstances in which you find yourself. You act, at times, without any forethought. This is because you are driven by forces out of your immediate awareness. The root of this problem is really inaccurate self-appraisal.

You expect more from yourself than is realistic, then react to your shortcomings with guilt driven service to others and deep expression of overly sympathetic feelings. In the long run, you have many opportunities through this aspect of your nature to refine and express your higher vision of the truth to others. Through this expression your daily life becomes a clearer picture of your true inner being. You confuse intensity with desire, and need with love. It takes time for you to recognize the habits that get in the way of intimacy; it takes time to alter them once recognized. Letting go of negative history lays the groundwork for change.

Give others permission to be different than everyone else has been before. Through this, you give yourself permission to be different. General circumstances as well as other people encourage your reach to exceed way beyond your grasp. Anger and impulsiveness carries you way beyond your resources. It suggests major changes or considerable adjustment in matters connected to that planet, its house and sign through the people or circumstances described by the transiting planet s. The YOD illustrated above had transiting Uranus conjunct natal Pluto at age 13 when the person fell in love for the first time and transiting Uranus conjunct natal Venus at age 46, when she met a person who completely changed her environment and her life.

Interestingly both also involved the development of more strength and flexibility in the body — at age 13 through a sport and at age 46 through yoga. I tend to think that transits by an outer planet to a natal YOD can, at times, have an almost Plutonic effect as the focus and intensity of this configuration can transform your life.

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