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The Man of Law's Epilogue.

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Group 3 The Wife of Bath's Prologue. The Wife of Bath's Tale. The Friar's Prologue. The Friar's Tale.

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The Summoner's Prologue. The Summoner's Tale. Group 4 The Clerk's Prologue. The Clerk's Tale Part I. Incipit secunda pars. Incipit tercia pars. Sequitur pars quinta.

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Part VI. Lenvoy de Chaucer. The Merchant's Prologue.

Analysis of Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer (General Prologue, …

The Merchant's Tale. The Merchant's Epilogue. Group 5 The Squire's Prologue. The Squire's Tale Part I. Incipit pars tercia. The Franklin's words to the Squire. The Franklin's Prologue.


The Franklin's Tale. Group 6 The Physician's Tale. The Introduction to the Pardoner's Tale. The Pardoner's Prologue. The Pardoner's Tale. Group 7 The Shipman's Tale. The Words of the Host to the Prioress. The Prioress' Prologue. The Prioress' Tale. The Prologue to the Tale of Sir Thopas.

Fitt II. The Tale of Melibee. The Monk's Prologue.

Prologue to Canterbury Tales

The Monk's Tale Lucifer. Pedro of Castille. The pilgrim who tells the best tale wins a free dinner at the tavern at the journey's end. Should anyone question the Host's judgment, moreover, he has to foot the bill for the entire pilgrimage. The pilgrims, eager to have fun on their journey, quickly agree to the Host's proposal and swear oaths to abide by the rules of the game. After a bit of shut-eye, they ride out of Canterbury the next morning and the tale-telling begins.

Almost immediately, a pilgrim challenges the Host's authority. After the first tale, the Host asks the Monk to tell a tale, but the drunken Miller interrupts him and announces that he will speak next or leave the company.

It's certainly not the last time the Host's orderly vision for the game is challenged: drunken pilgrims, mysterious strangers, and, most importantly, the conflicts between some of the members of the company threaten to derail the game at many points in the course of the journey. The pilgrims tell lots of different kinds of tales on their journey: comedies and tragedies, romances and dirty stories, and sermons and saints' lives, to name a few.

Some pilgrims tell stories where a character with another pilgrim's occupation is humiliated in the course of the tale, which leads to trouble. The Miller, for example, tells a tale about a carpenter whose wife not only commits adultery with a clerk, but humiliates him in front of the whole town. The real carpenter among the pilgrims takes this very personally, and proceeds to tell a tale where a miller suffers humiliation at the hands of some students.

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A similar rivalry occurs between the Friar and the Summoner. All the while, the Host alternates between trying to make peace between the pilgrims and creating more conflict with his gentle and not-so-gentle teasing of members of the party. The Canterbury Tales end after only 24 tales, a far cry short of the planned We never get to see the pilgrims reach Canterbury, nor do we learn who wins the competition.